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We M/s. (Company's Name and address ) do hereby appoint
M/s. Renu Travels, S. No : 6, Shirin Mansion, L.J. Road Mahim (West),
Mumbai 16, India, Tel : 24456268,
Recruiting Licence No. B-0502 / MUM / PER / 1000+ / 5 / 1688 / 1984
to do and perform any of the following acts.
  • To be our true and lawful attorney and agent in India for purpose of handling all Affairs concerning recruitment of Indian workers to be employed by our company.
  • To sign all necessary documents and Employment contracts required by the laws and regulation of India.
  • To make the necessary arrangements for the workers to come and work in Dubai.
  • To delegate this power of Attorney to another persons, if necessary, for the recuitment.

In Witness whereof we have executed this documents at (today date ) in Dubai.

Yours Faithfully,

( Company's name, Sign and stamp )